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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

American Best Produce Inc.  Shipping Policy varies depending on the product purchased. For retail sales shipping is established at the time of sale and identified on the bill of sale and calculated based on weight, quantity, and location, like the sales of cartons, or seasonal baskets. For wholesale, which include Pallet sales, and container sales, freight is calculated to the port, and is identified on the invoice. Additional freight maybe required for the produce to arrive at its destination. Customer is responsible for all freight from farm to destination. Customer must indicate that it requires freight to merchant site. Otherwise, it is merchants’ responsibility to pick up produce at port. If special handling is required or if refrigeration is required or desired merchant indicate to vendor and is responsible for an add cost of the request.

Return & Exchange Policy

At American Best Produce Inc., all sales are final. Because of the perishable nature of the product, all sales are final.  We do not guarantee, exact quantities of produce, all weights are averages and the actual number may be very based on size and shape of produce. Our estimates are good faith estimates of the typical weight and quality of produce. Customer understands that that produce is subject to change in color, size, weight, and flavor. In the case of a product recall American Best Produce Inc., will issue a credit for a product of equal value, and pay for shipping to merchant site at no cost to merchant.

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